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The offices will be closed on

Monday May 25 

in observance of

Memorial Day.





We would like to thank all members


of the armed forces, past and present,


for their service.










Meet Our Doctors

Julian Melamed, MD, ABIM, ABAI

Angela Ahuja Malik MD, ABPD, ABAI

Li Liang, MD, PhD, ABAI

Ami Mehra, MD, ABIM, ABAI


Our allergists are board certified in pediatric and adult Allergy and Immunology, and have trained at some of the top training programs in the country, including Harvard Medical School, National Jewish Respiratory Center and Albert Einstein Medical College.  We participate in the Maintenance of Certification Program. Click here to read more about this program. Dr. Melamed and Liang have both been awarded the prestigious Top Doctor Awards for 2011.




Spring Has Arrived...Almost!

Preparing Yourself for the Allergy Season


Make sure that this year you are not the April fool by starting your allergy medication early and no later than April 1.



Keep your nasal steroid spray on hand and start using this early even though you do not have any symptoms.  This will prevent "allergic priming" where inflammatory cells migrate into the nose in response to inhaled pollens.  Once this process occurs it takes very little pollen to produce severe allergic symptoms.